03 Jun

Getting Meaning From Context

When you read, you do not need to look up the meanings of all new words in a dictionary. you can offent guess the meanings of many new words from the context-the other words in the sentence and the other sentences in the paragraph. Here are three types of clues that will help you guess new words. 

1. Punctuation: Sometimes a sentence gives a definition of a new vocabulary item or information about it. this inform may be in parentheses (), after a dash (-), or after comma (,).


there is a drawback, a disadvantage, to that idea. (Drawback means disadvantage.)

2. Another Sentence: Sometimes a  clue to the meaning of a new vocabulary item is in another sentence or sentence part.


A school system in one country is not identical to the system in any other country. it cannot be exactly the same because each culture is different. 

(in the second sentence, you see the meaning of identicalexactly the same.)

3. Logic: Sometimes simple logic helps you to guess a new word.


The educational system is a mirror that reflects the culture.

(you probably know the word mirror, so you can guess that reflacts means shows.)

And now you know how to Getting Meaning From Context. 

Happy Learning and Studying ^^b


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2 responses to “STRATEGY (READING)

  1. Parlin Pardede

    June 4, 2013 at 2:06 am

    What a good start for sharing knowledge and skills. Keep doing it. The more you share, the more you grow because you can share something new if haven’t grown (widened your horizon).
    Good luck!


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