29 Jan

we know that education the most important factor in our wil influence many positive or negative efect. when we have attention toward education so we have large knowladge.
accordingly , there is indication that education has positive effet for us, however!when we neglect the important of education so we are covered by many ignorances and inabilities .so we can conclude that we have no attention toward education.
that’s way ;education may not be ignored so that we have large knowladge. so we can increase ,our life style ,prestige, way of thinking and many others.
in this article ,iam try to write my idea about:
This article is writeen based on my personal opinion,
there are some factors that have to understand ,implemented to make education in indonesia successful,it is also based on PANCASILA.
the factors can mentioned and explained as follows:
1. factor that relates to the ciircle of family.
anyway! family has important role to make education successful. HOW IT CAN BE?
all members of family have responsibilty fungtion and role in making education successful. seen from the aspect of education based on morality father,mother,brothers and sisters and relatives can give good model, goodmeners and politnes. in this case a learner can take leason about the aspect of morality in the circle of family.
when all members of family are positioned ass educators.they have responsibilty to provide motivation and spirit to a learner so that a learner have seriousnes to study.
2. factor that refers to the circle of society
a learner need to have adaptation with other people in the circle of society. the values of politness, good manners and oriental culter have to practiced when a learner must associate with another people in the circle of society.
besides, a learner can learn can learn directly about the values of morality and local wisdom in the circle of society
and then, a learner has awarness to keep harmony,togetherness,unity,tolerance and solidarity.
3. factor that refers to the educational institution
an educational institution is a place where the proces of study and teachingis held formally.
an educational intitution is responsibility to organize education based on the aspect of cleverness and morality.
that’s way ,an education institution have to have:
– good school management
-learning curiculum
– learning facilities
– and school budget
remember the important educational institution as a place to held of formal education ,accordingly educational institution have to be managed by using a good management.

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