18 Dec


Indonesia is my beloved country this cuntry is loceted under the Equator geographical.condition of my country is located between two continent,asia and australia. it is also located between two oceans ,india ocean and the pacific. my country ,has many islands even thousand of island. my country is in habbited by many different ethnic groups.

Nowomder, there are many differences in indonesia. although there are many differences but we have to be united . there is only one nation that is INDONESIA.

indonesia has foundation of the state called PANCASILA. for the people of indonesia PANCASILA is the way of life.

indonesia has national langguage called  INDONESIA. indonesia has symbol of the state called also GARUDA PANCASILA.we have mtto called UNITY INTHE DIVERSTY.our goverment is republic,our govermentel system is democracy ,indonesia is wel known as agricultural country in south east asia.

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